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The pre-admission process

Once your doctor has decided to admit you to the clinic for the day, you can download your pre-admission form (download below), fill it in and email it to before the day of the procedure. This ensures that on the day of your admission, all the relevant documentation has been completed, which means you would not have to wait before being taken to your ward.  


What is pre-authorisation?

Before you can complete the pre-admission form, you need to get pre-authorisation from your medical aid. Either the patient or the main member must call the medical aid for an authorisation number.


Before going into hospital, it’s important to be as informed as possible about your medical cover – what your medical aid will pay for and what co-payments will be required. you will need The following information for pre-authorisation,  All details required will be given to you by your doctor.

Call your medical aid with the following information: 


  • Your doctor’s name and practice number.

  • The name and practice number of the doctor who referred you, if applicable.

  • Your hospital name -Howick Day Clinic - Practice number 0586870.

  • The date of the procedure.

  • The surgery required and the ICD10 code/s (describing your diagnosis) and RPL code (describing the procedure). 


With this information, your medical aid will be able to tell you:


  • Whether the surgery/procedure is covered

  • What is the co-payment, if any?

  • Your authorisation number so that you can complete pre-admission.

Please print, complete and email back to prior to the procedure.  Pre-admission forms can be dropped off at the Clinic between 9 am and 2 pm - Mon to Fri

Directions to the clinic


Take the N3 Howick North/Tweedie off-ramp (from PMB - turn right at the off-ramp and from Mooi River turn left at the off-ramp), drive straight on the main road, pass 2 sets of traffic lights (first traffic light after Greendale Spar and second traffic light at Mediclinic), drive straight on same road, turn left into Gush Avenue and immediately turn left on road parallel to the Main Road, continue until you  see the 5th building and turn right into car park.  

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